Chef D2

This is ALL new to me…this thing called blogging!!! 

 I am a “closet chef“!!!  And for those of you who know me, this is not the “first” closet that I have come out of!! I also have ADD!!  And for those of you who don’t know or who have not had the priviledge of being around someone with ADD…… “WE WEAR YOU OUT”!!!! 

So, inorder to have some “calm & tranquility” in my workaholic life (and to keep things calm at home).. I cook!!  

Another thing I like to do is make videos.  I am involved with a wonderful marketing tool called “Talk Fusion” ( which is video e-mail and so I am going to incorporate both my love of cooking & entertaining AND videos and see what happens!!!  I am going to write about my receipes, (taken from all sorts of sources….is that called plagerism?!!) make them as easy as possible &  hope that if you read this blog that you will use these receipes and have fun doing it!!

So, with no further adoooooooo……let’s get started!!!