Easy Pot Roast in a pot!

Yankee Pot Roast


1 ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

3 med onions peeled and sliced east/west (into half moons)

3-4 lb boneless chuck roast

2-3 TBS of flour to dredge chuck roast in

½ bag of small carrots or 5-6 large carrots, cut in half or quartered

4-5 celery stalks cut in quarters

4-5 potatoes peeled and cut into 6 pieces each

2 cans beef broth

1 ½ cups of  “good” red wine…no cheap stuff here

5-6 sprigs of fresh thyme or ½ tsp of dry thyme

1 tsp of fresh ground pepper

1 pkg of lipton soup

Kosher salt to taste

½ TBS of Worcestershire sauce

½ tsp chipotle in adobo (love this stuff but it is optional)

2 TBS unsalted butter, at room temperature

2TBS flour


In a large “cast iron dutch oven” pot, heat the EVOO and then add onions and sauté until golden brown.  Dredge the pot roast in flour and cover all parts and then add floured roast to pot and brown on all sides.  Do not worry about onions burning…it is ok!

Next add the carrots, potatoes, celery, beef broth, wine, seasonings down to the unsalted butter (don’t add that!) turn down the heat to a simmer, cover and then cook for about 3-3 ½ hours

When the meat is falling apart and the carrots, celery and potatoes are cooked remove for the pot and set aside.

Take the butter and the flour and “knead” it together into a ball and then break it apart and add to the broth and stir until thickened.

Then I added everything back to the pot and heated and then put into soup bowls and served with a hearty warm bread.  Or, you can put the sauce in a gravy boat and serve the meat, veggies and then cover with the sauce.  The choice is yours!!!