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What is the dirtiest room in your house…you will be surprised!!!!

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Sister D2


This is my newest addition to my cooking blog!! Sister D2 will teach you tidbits about cooking, or new gadgets to try…or answer any questions you may have or always “wondered why”!!!  So make a “habit” of checking my blog and see what new information you find…and above all, this is all done in fun!!!

I hope you enjoy!!!

Sister D2

It's quick and easier than you think!
It’s quick and easier than you think!





Clean the corn and get rid of excess silk

 Completely submerge the corn under water (you may need to find something heavy to keep it submerged)  Why Submerge?? This will add extra moisture for cooking them and because I said so!!!!  DO THIS ABOUT 15 MINUTES BEFORE COOKING!!!

 Remove from water and shake excess moisture from corn.

 Place on a med-high preheated grill and, now this is IMPORTANT….turn about every 3-4 minutes!! So, no going to chat with the guest, or leave the grill for a potty break…you do NOT want these to burn up!!!  (unless of course, you have your fire extinguisher close by!!!)

 The corn will start turning a nice colored brown and yes, maybe a flame or two will erupt, but no problemo…the soaking of them in water lets them steam inside!

 They will look almost burnt when they are done…about 15-20 mins.

 Now, take them from the grill, and don’t be an idiot by using your hands…these are HOT…!! Use tongs and put them on a platter or plate.  Then find either a dish towel or a clean rag and peel them like a banana…pulling off all the husk and making them look all nice and “purdy”!! You could be a real nice host and do it for your guest, or you can have them do it themselves and have a nice messy table…the choice is yours!!!

 Butter, salt and pepper…and you are good to go!!!!

Chef Boy-R-D2

Chef D2

This is ALL new to me…this thing called blogging!!! 

 I am a “closet chef“!!!  And for those of you who know me, this is not the “first” closet that I have come out of!! I also have ADD!!  And for those of you who don’t know or who have not had the priviledge of being around someone with ADD…… “WE WEAR YOU OUT”!!!! 

So, inorder to have some “calm & tranquility” in my workaholic life (and to keep things calm at home).. I cook!!  

Another thing I like to do is make videos.  I am involved with a wonderful marketing tool called “Talk Fusion” (www.talkfusion.com) which is video e-mail and so I am going to incorporate both my love of cooking & entertaining AND videos and see what happens!!!  I am going to write about my receipes, (taken from all sorts of sources….is that called plagerism?!!) make them as easy as possible &  hope that if you read this blog that you will use these receipes and have fun doing it!!

So, with no further adoooooooo……let’s get started!!!