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This is my newest addition to my cooking blog!! Sister D2 will teach you tidbits about cooking, or new gadgets to try…or answer any questions you may have or always “wondered why”!!!  So make a “habit” of checking my blog and see what new information you find…and above all, this is all done in fun!!!

I hope you enjoy!!!

Sister D2


Yes, I truly DID clean my refrigerator….do you think it was related to PMS?????????????

Use coffee grounds to deodorize your hands after handling garlic, fish, onions or even after smoking. Simply rub damp grounds onto your hands as if you are trying to lather soap. Rub your hands for a few minutes and then wash away with soap and warm water.

Fill a small bowl with fresh coffee grounds and place them into the back of your refrigerator or freezer. Working much like baking soda, the coffee grounds will quickly absorb and foul odors from old foods, fish and other items to keep your fridge deodorized and smelling great.

Tap your coffee grounds into your garbage disposal each morning instead of tapping them into the garbage bin. Running fresh or used coffee grounds through the disposal will help to remove pieces of food and bacteria which cause odor. If your disposal is particularly smelly, add a dozen ice cubes to the drain and place your coffee grounds on top. This will slow the time needed to move the ice and coffee through the disposal for a deep cleaning.

Spread your used coffee grounds out on a baking sheet and allow them to dry thoroughly. Once dry, place the grounds into the toe of an old nylon stocking and tie a know. Hang the stocking to deodorize closets, garages or other small damp places to prevent a mildew smell.