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This is my newest addition to my cooking blog!! Sister D2 will teach you tidbits about cooking, or new gadgets to try…or answer any questions you may have or always “wondered why”!!!  So make a “habit” of checking my blog and see what new information you find…and above all, this is all done in fun!!!

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Sister D2


So, how best to clean mushrooms?

For white button mushrooms or Crimini mushrooms, if possible choose ones where the underside has not opened to reveal the gills (those frilly ribs) underneath.  While this isn’t critical, it does make cleaning a bit easier.  If you are using Portabello mushrooms in a light colored sauce, remove the stems and then use a teaspoon to scrape away the gills, leaving the mushroom tops.  The gills can turn the sauce brown, although they won’t effect the taste.

Now the mushrooms can be quickly rinsed in cold water.  Either submerge them just long enough to rinse the dirt off, or put them in a colander and gently spray them with cold water.  Next, place the mushrooms on a dry towel and blot off all the surface water.  For Oyster mushrooms, or others that have a large area of open gills, pay some special attention to drying that part, as a lot of water can be trapped there.  Take one more look, and remove anything that wasn’t rinsed off earlier.

Finally, remove the whole stem if it is woody and you haven’t done so already, or trim off the hard end where it has dried out.  Slice, quarter or chop the mushrooms as directed in the recipe.  Because mushrooms will brown readily once they are cut, it is best to prepare them as close to when they will be used as possible.

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