* 3 lbs oxtail with fat trimmed off
* ½ c flour (to dredge the oxtails before cooking)
* 2-3 TBS oil (I used bacon grease)
* 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
* 2 medium carrots, peeled and diced
* 3 celery stalks with leaves, diced
* 8 cups (64 oz) beef stock or broth
* 1 – 4oz can tomato paste
* 2 tsp kosher salt
* ¼ tsp black pepper
* 1 /2-1 TBS thyme (fresh works great) but dry is fine
* ¼ c chopped fresh parsley
* 1 TBS minced garlic
* 1/3c dry sherry or port wine (optional, but good!!)

1. Put 2-3TBS of cooking oil into deep soup pot and turn on heat
2. Dredge Oxtails in flour, then brown in oil on ALL sides, then drain on paper towels
3. Turn the heat to “medium” and add onions and stir fry until golden..about 10 mins
4. SLOWLY add the beef broth and stir in the tomato paste, salt & pepper & thyme & parsley  and stir.
5. Now add the oxtails back into the soup pot, cover and simmer for about 3-3 ½ hours until meat is fork tender.
6. Once cooked, take oxtails out and cool and then take all the meat off the bones and cut into bite-sized pieces, leaving the fat and bones to discard.
7. Now add the carrots & celery AND the meat back to the pot and cook until the carrots are tender.  Mix in the sherry or port wine and serve.
*****BEST THING TO DO….refrigerate over nite and then skim the fat that has solidified, and reheat.  This is a PERFECT soup that gets better the next day!!!!*****