The EASIEST chocolate dessert ever

Chocolate “No Trouble” Dessert
Serves LOTS

1 box Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix and make the cake according to the recipe on the back!
2 box chocolate instant pudding
6 cups of milk to make the pudding
2 -8 oz container of cool whip
1 pkg of Heath Bars (6 bars) and put in freezer until ready to use or pkgs that are already crumbled “new” in the store!!

* Make the cake in a 9×13 greased pan then take out and cool for about 30 mins then break into pieces
* Make the instant chocolate pudding and put aside
* Take Heath Bars out of freezer, smash with hammer then open and put into bowl or buy that ones that are already smashed!
* Open cool whip
* Now, take the broken up pieces of cake and make a layer, then top with ½ of the pudding mixture and spread over the cake.  Then add half the cool whip and continue to make another layer.  Finally, top with ½ of the Heath Bar and do it again starting with the broken cake so that you will form another 3 layers then Heath Bar topping.
* Chill until ready to serve!

****** You can use the same recipe and put it in individual glasses, margarita glasses…cups or whatever, just layering it one time and ending with the cool whip and then Heath Bar crumbles on top!! *******