One thing that I have learned to do very well, my first week here in Ixtapa, is to “IMPROVISE”!!! Infact, that is now my mantra!  This is the “true” test of a wanna-be-chef.  Fine. You got a recipe? Try making it here with what is available in this country!!!

I have soooo mastered the art of guacamole that even one restaurant owner, Martin, took an interest in what I put in mine versus what he puts in his.  They make it fresh with each order. With a mortar & pestal, they smash the avocado’s, add jalapeño, tomatoes, some onion, cilantro and lime juice. Then they top it with a queso con fresco…which, to me is like a feta cheese.  Now, I add garlic,  chipolte in adobo (my most FAVORITE mexican spice) cumin, red pepper flakes, some bottled salsa and salt.  It definitely has “zing”, which we all love. I told him that I would bring some over for him to try!!! Afterall, some gringo’s do like spice!!

Tonight, tho, I am going to see what I can do with the thin pork chops that Bosco picked up in the commericale…the big supermarket.  I’m thinking cooking them in a pan (there are NO out door bar-b-que grills allowed in this whole complex) with an apple topping.  My friend Grinder, who is visiting looks at me and says “WHAT”??? Pork chops with apples???? OI VEY!! Do you see how difficult it is being me???? She has never had pork chops with apples….

So, with shopping list in hand, my Mexican Spanish dictionary, 8 pesos for the bus ride to Zihuat and my love for playing charades,  I am off to see how to “improvise”!!!  Screw the golf, this is much more fun!!