Health history done, my “goals to attain”, complete
The first thing the “Nutritional Nazi” observed..I never find time to eat!!!

The athletic & healthy life that I practiced for so long
Had been replaced by a new career, and now everything I was doing was wrong!

The “N.N” (nutritional nazi) with her constant water bottle in hand
Keeps barking at me to “DRINK”!…”HYDRATE”, her favorite commands!

Her other mantra, “eat sprouts and grains and your vegies too”..
Fresh fruits…flax seed…all to make you “do-do’!!!!

That’s all fine and good and drinking water is what I will hone..
But something that is TOTALLY new for me…now, I am constantly looking for a “throne”!!!!!

So as Day 2 ends and my newly excerised & hydrated body cheers…
The one “constant” that I have yet to let go…the opening of a nice, cold Negra Modelo Beer!!!!!!!!!