And so, my blog followers, the real reason we are down here in Naples, Fla….we are here for “Nutritional Boot Camp”!!!!!

Yes, I am a “Wanna-B-Chef”…but, I am the worst with my eating habits!!!  Problem is, I don’t….eat, that is!!!  So one of my best friends from high school is getting a certification in holistic nutrition…(yeah, right up my alley….NOT!) and I am one of her first “projects”!!!! 

Last night I answered her questionaire regarding my health, eating habits, excerise program, what foods I crave, when my last period was……oops…outgrew that a while ago…how much water I drink….(to me I drink very little…it is for the golf courses), alcohol consumption, stress level…(does she realize I am a frickin realtor??!!) and family history!!! It was a chore to be “honest”…but this is ALL good!!!  It is going to make me healthier and probably better looking!!!!!  hahahaha

So, stay tuned and you are going to go through this with me…and maybe….just maybe…someone will learn something!!!

Opps, they are calling…we are about to go and do the walk around the perimeter of this “oh so poor area called Mediterra”….3 1/2 miles!!!  Lord save me!!!