My favorite meal, whenever I go out to dinner, is rack of lamb.  Add a mint jelly sauce with it, and I am in heaven!  With that being said, last night as we “apprentice chef’s” were preparing for our “grand event” tonight….I volunteered to help the head chef, Justin, with preparing the lamb.  Now, this is where being in a restaurant kitchen gives you a whole new prospective of how things are prepared….things that we, the patron, have NO clue!!!

Inorder to “prepare” the rack, you have to cut away the fat from the meat…exposing the lamb, and of course leaving some on as not to dry it out. Ok, that was not difficult….BUTTTTTTTT… you realize, that the bones have this “membrane” along with fat, that has to be scraped away so that the bone is “clean”??? Oh sure, sounds easy enough but do you have any idea of how difficult it is to “scrape” this stuff away??? You have to use more angles, turning the the rack all sorts of ways, to get that membrane off the slippery bone…and can you say “time consuming”?????? I was turning it so many ways that i thought carpal tunnel syndrome was going to take over my right hand!!!!!

By the time Justin and I finished “dressing” 26 packages of lamb, my legs were cramped from standing soooo long, my knife that i so proudly sharpened, was now dulled to a butter knife and I said that I am going to go out and say to the crowd, before anyone takes a bite of their “rack of lamb”…..”excuse me, but before you cut into the exquisite grilled rib chop I want you to look at how clean and smooth that rib is…infact, rub your fingers over it and feel the smoothness…then take a moment and bow your heads…..OOOOMMMMMM…!!!

There….thank you….I just want people to appreciate how much work is put into appearance…that’s all!!!! hahahaha

Bon Appetite!!!